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Client from Hell

Posted in Personal by Will on Saturday, August 16th, 2008 ~ 4pm

My client-from-hell delivered another complaint to me this morning about her website. The calendar that she’d been asking for, which she wanted to be a calendar that she could update herself without a webmaster? The google calendar that I installed yesterday which provides her with exactly that ease-of-use, and which I was able to completely integrate into her website seamlessly? Yeah, she didn’t mean a calendar, she tells me. She meant an event listing.

At first I started revising the site, even before I’d had my breakfast. Then after some minutes contemplation, I realized she was wrong about what she needs. And so I wrote to her, in part,

“My commitment is to provide a design that works well and will give your clients and potential clients an excellent web experience. I regret that part of that involves disregarding some of your ideas, but you have consistently said that you do not know what you want and that it is up to me and [fellow designer] to make a site that your clients will enjoy. I have to trust that original order since I do not trust you.” “I’d initially responded to your worries by changing the calendar from displaying a calendar to displaying a list of events. But you know what? The calendar looks better as a calendar. It gives people an immediate sense of which weekends coming up have a class they can sign up for. It is an immediate, familiar format that will get you more customers. So I’m reverting it back to the calendar display.”

If she wants a different style, she can fire me and hire a designer who has no ideas of his or her own.

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