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Time to think

Posted in Personal by Will on Sunday, August 17th, 2008 ~ 11am

Yay I did it. I woke up early to force a change into my internal clock.

I’ve also prepared the second step of transferring some of my savings out of one bank and into another.

Third step, following the “Gen X” advice in the Motley Fool, would be to deposit “$600 to $1,000 every month” into the higher interest rate account. I’ve run the numbers and I can’t do that. But I believe that if I try really hard, I could perhaps put $400 in each month.

The variables, after rent, utilities, cellphone, and health insurance, are primarily food, clothing, and, oddly, action figures. Granted, action figure expenses don’t come up too often — two or three times a year — but when they do, they cost. I can cut back on clothes (since I already have fall clothes), but not food.

I like being up this early, it lets me think.

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