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We control the sound waves

Posted in Personal by Will on Tuesday, August 19th, 2008 ~ 11am

I got one of those wire closet shelf things to use as a shelf for the stereo. It will let tons of air flow through. Setting up the receiver was complex. I’ve got it sounding good now, after two or three false starts. It even has some sort of circuitry that tries to fill in missing bits from lossy music, which is great since I am using my iTunes on my computer for pretty much everything. They’d labeled it “returner”, as in “this button makes compressed music ‘returner’ to normal”, so it wasn’t til I’d looked it up before I recognized it as something useful. They could have called it “extrapolator” or “deducer”. The receiver also required me to set up a microphone in the center of my room while it sent chirping noises to the speakers. That was new, and I’d get different results depending on where I put the microphone.

One problem I may try again to overcome is the bass. When it sets itself up using the chirping noises, the system activates some fantastic programs that corrects the EQ when one is playing the music at a lower volume (actually, it alters the EQ through the entire volume range). But this also means that you cannot manually tell it that you’d like more bass. So I think in order to trick the system into delivering more bass, I’d have to set the microphone up again, but put some towels over the bass speaker cones — or temporarily move the speakers a foot away from the walls, since walls amplify bass. That should trick it into delivering more bass.

Update: Yep, that worked.

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