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Happy Time T-Shirt

Posted in Personal by Will on Tuesday, August 19th, 2008 ~ 11pm

I’m bringing back my Happy Time Temporary Services T-shirt from Dead Like Me, for the sole reason that I need to get myself a Medium since I outgrew my Small. An unrelated reason is that the direct-to-DVD tv movie continuing George’s story in the Dead Like Me universe is due out in a few months. But by the time it is out, I’ll have taken this shirt down.

It is still the only Happy Time T-shirt that uses screen-accurate fonts and an extremely close to accurate happy face.

Although I’ve switched to RedBubble, I’ve resurrected this one on Cafepress only, because it was made on the Cafepress template which is a bit lower resolution than what RedBubble uses. Also, I honestly like this best on the “Organic” T-shirt (pictured) that is only sold at Cafepress. The organic shirt is kind of beige, and very soft, and kind of thin – great as a sleep shirt. It is American Apparel.

Update: (20 minutes later) Ok, ok, I remade the edges at the higher resolution needed for RedBubble, so it is at RedBubble now too. On RedBubble, I changed the happy face to be grey rather than dark green, since RedBubble offers more fabric colors (many of which don’t “go” with dark green). Bear in mind that although RedBubble’s shirts are American Apparel too, they don’t offer the “organic” shirt. So really I’m not sure why I’ve upped it to RedBubble.

In any case, I’m only gonna keep this one up for a brief while.

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