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Posted in Personal by Will on Wednesday, August 20th, 2008 ~ 1pm

I am trying not to freak out, but our new housemate says that two flea-like bugs have leapt onto him since Saturday when a small dog visited. He says one lept from the floor to his leg, and one leapt onto his arm when he was on the couch.

If these turn out to be fleas, I will be in hell. I am really sensitive to chemical fumes so bombing the house will not be pleasant for me. And I’ve read that even after the bombing you have to vacuum every day, wash all your clothes, wash all your sheets and blankets, pillows, etc, every couple days, for ever.

Update: I sat on the couch for a good hour last night and no bugs leapt onto me. So, fingers crossed this was a false alarm. I remain worried but so far so good.

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