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Skip the latest Windows Service Pack 3

Posted in Personal by Will on Tuesday, August 26th, 2008 ~ 2pm

Are you a Windows XP computer user? Want to slow down your computer? Then let the Service Pack 3 install on your system, as it did on my systems over the past couple days. My office computer — already underpowered — is even slower now. And my home computer, sufficiently powered, is slower now too, although not as bad. And there are no noticeable improvements whatsoever — well, except there’s a new graphic for Remote Desktop Connection. So that’s one small improvement. Skip this update if you can.

It may be possible to undo this update: go to ‘Add or Remove Programs’ from Control Panel, tick the ‘Show Updates’ box, then go to to the bottom of the list and select ‘Windows XP Service Pack 3’ and click the ‘Remove’ button. Then reboot, and the machine should return to its pre-SP3 state. But I’m not keen to try this.

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