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In the zone, watching Dead Zone

Posted in Personal by Will on Wednesday, July 6th, 2005 ~ 4pm

Five days of stationary exercise bike so far (another tonight), with no skipped days yet. I’m writing this in my blog as a form of encouragement to myself.

I’ve been doing about an hour each night, but when I say “an hour” I mean I’ll be seated on the bike for an hour, during which time there’s between a half hour to 45 minutes of actual motion. Today, after my fifth day, the muscles that connect my chest to my arms (whatever those are called) are a bit sore which I think is good, since being sore is different than being completely unaware that they even exist.

I’ve started to watch season 3 of the Dead Zone as I exercise, and I am seriously impressed by how the quality of the show has taken a dramatic leap upwards in quality. Maybe a new director? Different camera equipment perhaps? Something is allowing for better cinematography.

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