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U2 is old

Posted in Personal by Will on Thursday, August 28th, 2008 ~ 3pm

As I am re-ripping my favorite discs with a higher sampling rate (256 kbps for music I sing along with, 192 kbps for music I don’t), I am struck by how old some of the music is. Was it really 8 years ago that U2’s All That You Can’t Leave Behind came out? Wow.

I recognize the older discs because they’re in a slightly different style of plastic sleeve than the newer discs. I throw away the jewel cases when I buy a CD, because I don’t have room for them, and I slide the artwork and disc into an ultra-thin resealable polypropylene sleeve.

A few years ago the manufacturer changed the resealable strip to a strip of better quality. So the moment I pick up a disc and glance at it, I get a sense of whether it is old or new. And I just can’t believe that All That You Can’t Leave Behind is eight years old already, but the copyright date confirms it.

I suppose that means Achtung Baby is seventeen years old. But I knew that one was old. It seems like only three years ago or so that I got All That You Can’t Leave Behind.

Ok, so the moral is, updating one’s discs in iTunes causes one to realize how many long years have passed since particular albums were bought. It can be shocking.

I’ve also found that 2 of my whatever-hundred CDs no longer work. One CD, circa 1990, that still played in 2007 no longer works today. There’s no scratches evident, it just can’t be read anymore (and even EAC attempts just produces a stream of silence and intermittent static). And it’s a rare promo. I should have copied it sometime in the last 18 years. Lesson learned.

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