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Posted in Personal by Will on Friday, August 29th, 2008 ~ 12pm

Last night as I heard Obama’s speech I was thinking to myself that we have found our JFK. But this morning my appreciation of the situation is that Obama will have surpassed JFK in the sense that if Obama wins the election, it will be the name “Obama”, and not “JFK”, that is used as a reference to connote an era of optimism and and positive reform. Everything that was old is new again, and it has a new face and a new name. I hope one we can be proud of.

On a sad note, I am stunned that what should be a sidebar story — McCaine’s selection of Annie Oakley for VP — has wiped the DNC off the front page of all the news sites.

Slideshow of DNC click here

Transcript and partial video

The newscasters today said that the television ratings for the DNC was 38 million — that’s more than the opening ceremonies of the Olympics, and the highest ratings ever, I think they said.

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