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Posted in Personal by Will on Saturday, July 9th, 2005 ~ 1am

Maybe you can go home again, sometimes. Unexpected movie news that there may be a new Highlander film, and, due to certain people being involved, it has a chance of being good.

“The new Highlander movie is going to start shooting sometime later this year in Eastern Europe.,” reports actor Adrian Paul. “David Abramowitz is putting the final touches on to the script, and once approved it will go into pre-production later this year. I have always said that I would never do another one unless I had more control over the product. Well, this time I am executive-producing it. Brett Leonard is set to direct. Be ready to see a new Highlander film, one that has the quality of the television series with a new sound and look for 2006. Everyone is excited to be able to produce something that will revamp such a successful franchise. Once the rights fell back to Davis-Panzer after the dimise of Dimension Films, Peter Davis approached me to star and executive produce. Watch here (www.adrianpaul.net) for more details as they are announced.”

Highlander, the original film starring Christopher Lambert, was not intended to launch any sequels, and when it did people really wished it hadn’t – not one but two terrible sequels are best left ignored.

Fortunately the concept was revived in a big way with an excellent television series starring Adrian Paul that lasted several seasons. After the tv series ended they managed to make one last film, Highlander IV: Endgame, which starred Adrian Paul and which sort of carried on the tv series while also giving a sendoff to the original film’s Christopher Lambert.

Very few people saw Highlander IV: Endgame, and as Adrian Paul noted he felt he wouldn’t ever want to do it again. The problem was that Highlander had grown into a refined, dramatic action saga thanks to the television series, but the people funding the film were not aware of that and instead expected some sort of kung fu movie.

As such Highlander IV: Endgame never felt entirely done… two different recipies were thrown together, but the baking time wasn’t the same…

Fans of the tv series moved on to other refined action series like 24 or MI-5 (“Spooks” in the UK), or Alias, and expected they’d never see the day when Adrian Paul would again wear his trademark dark trenchcoat and pick up a blade.

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