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Tapping It

Posted in Personal by Will on Sunday, August 31st, 2008 ~ 1am

I’ve got tears welling in my eyes, which is unusual. It is because I’ve just made a mix tape of sorts for several virgos I know (all of whom have birthdays around now) and I wrote a letter to one whom I am mailing the disc to in MA. I guess it was an emotional letter because I’m tear streaked a bit as I lay here in bed, my pillow propping my head up enough to type this blog entry.

I guess one never knows when they’re tapping a well of depth until they actually tap it. Um, no wait, that metaphor sounds too much like “tapping it” (a sexual euphemism). I mean to say, I know the emotions are deep with this one but I hadn’t been facing them in an honest way. I replied to a sort of question posed a couple years ago, and it just made me face it honestly in such a rare way. I’m ready to go to sleep now, but, this is good, to feel so deeply that a few deep breaths are needed.

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