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Albuquerque and Yoda

Posted in Personal by Will on Thursday, July 14th, 2005 ~ 1pm

I’ve received an offer to go help someone in Albuquerque, NM finish up a book they are writing.

The timing is interesting, in that the timeframe I’ve been requested to come – sometime in October/November – will be a time when I am unemployed and looking around the country for new opportunities.

This wouldn’t be a paying job but I’d have a place to stay. The lack of having a place to stay is of course one of the big problems in looking around at new states, so this opportunity may be one to seriously consider.

I may even be able to combine a visit to a friend in Colorado with this, as Boulder CO appears to be a small flight (or one long highway) away from Albuquerque, NM. Being from the geographically tiny state of Massachusetts, the size of these large square western states is something I can’t intuitively recognize, so I’ll just say CO and NM appear to be likely to have flights between them. I could be wrong, I don’t know. I hope they aren’t those little commuter planes, those are… I can’t deal with those.

Anyway this invite just came in so I have to think about it a bit.

On a more interpersonal note, last night I dreamed of Yoda, the little green guru. He told me I’d misunderstood something. The purpose of a marriage (or commited relationship I suppose), he explained, is not to serve as a shelter or defense from the cruel world, it is not meant to be a way to be protected. It is only so that the pair can bring good things into the cruel world. This distinction was what he felt I needed some re-guidance on. Of course he said it much better, in his muppet voice and backwards syntax. Indeed I am worried I may have not remembered exactly what he intended for me to remember. But it was a good dream nonetheless. No doubt inspired in part by reading people’s blogs on the dpsangha.

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