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Pots and pans and a laptop

Posted in Personal by Will on Thursday, July 21st, 2005 ~ 8pm

If I am going to be hopping around the country (or at least hopping to one or two places), it occurs to me that I’ll need a laptop computer. It seems kinda funny that in the old days one would be tying pots and pans to one’s wagon, but today the tool you’d need in order to start work somewhere else is a computer – and that’d be a laptop computer (aka a notebook, if you follow the naming trends) unless you’re definately settling down somewhere and have time to ship big boxes containing a desktop computer.

If I had to buy a laptop today I’d buy the Gateway 3522GZ at Best Buy (which is actually known as the M210S at Gateway but it has been given a new name and number at Best Buy). It isn’t quite as pretty as a Sony Vaio but it comes strikingly close and at a reduced price.

I have sometimes said I’d be willing to try a Mac just for the ease of use, the smooth virtual-ergonomics of the Mac interface. I’ve seen how Macs have a small set of programs designed to do simple things, like look at pictures from your digitial camera, or write a memo, or play a DVD. It is all prearranged for you; each program serves a single purpose. As such it appears to be very relaxing.

That relaxation costs about $300 more than the similar PC, though. (There is an iBook with a 14″ widescreen that includes a DVD burner for $1,500. Versus Gateway 3522GZ at Best Buy with the same screen and same DVD burner for $1,200.)

And would I be able to live without Photoshop? Oh, I suppose they probably make a version of Photoshop for Macs too, but chances are slim I know anyone going to China who could pick it up on a streetcorner for five bucks, so, realistically, it would mean living without Photoshop, indeed, living without any of the programs I have on my PC desktop.

I have to figure out if that would be a good thing (the relaxation of not actually being able to do all the things one would want to do) or a bad thing (maybe not being able to do all the things that one would want to do).

I’m not going to make any decisions now.

I may look around to see if Macs, er, iBooks, come with something akin to Photoshop and Dreamweaver. Somehow I doubt there’s a iPhotoshop already installed on all iBooks. But maybe there is.

UPDATE: As if someone was looking out for me, two new iBooks are rumoured to be coming out next week, “NEW YORK (CNN/Money) – Apple may be gearing up to unveil a new slate of mini-Macs and may also release updated versions of its popular iBook laptop computers as early as next Tuesday, according to unconfirmed reports on a Web site that tracks Apple.” “…new iBooks priced at $999 and $1,299, according to Think Secret.”

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