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Southland Tales – commentary but still no Cannes version

Posted in Personal by Will on Monday, September 8th, 2008 ~ 3pm

Southland Tales comes out on BluRay Nov 18, and this time it has a commentary track.

Last February, writer/director Richard Kelly wrote in regards to the DVD, “I didn’t have time to record a commentary… but I’m sure there will be a much more elaborate multi-disc release down the road… when we have more time to compile the massive amount of supplemental material related to the film, assemble a longer version, etc. No word yet on a date for the Blu-Ray disc.”

So, he managed to record a commentary, but it looks like Sony didn’t come through with the support for a longer version yet. The film was originally much longer when it showed at Cannes Film Festival, and although the film only has a handful of fans, those fans want to see the long version too.

Southland Tales takes place in an alternate timeline wherein the United States went through a terrorist event worse than 9/11, and ended up even more nutty than it is now. It would be a good double bill with the old film Repo Man, since it shares both the Los Angeles milieu and off-kilter characters.

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