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Posted in Personal by Will on Tuesday, September 9th, 2008 ~ 11am

Whew. Save for a few stragglers, I just finished reripping my CDs at the higher sampling rate of 256 kbps. It took from Aug 25 to Sept 8. The only discs I did not re-rip were my Paste music samplers because I like to put lots of those on my iPod so I needed to keep them small. It was a lot of a work.

In related news, Mac’s “Let’s Rock” event in San Francisco today introduced a new version of iTunes. iTunes 8 new recommendation engine, Genius, will suggest purchases to fill out what it identifies as holes in your music library. Sounds a bit pushy. Especially if the holes are voiced by Jack Black as Barry from High Fidelity: “Don’t tell anyone you don’t own ‘Blonde on Blonde’!”

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