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To keep or not to keep

Posted in Personal by Will on Thursday, September 11th, 2008 ~ 11pm

In my room I am feeling crowded. I have too much stuff. Basically there’s one big box of superfluous stuff that by all rights I should get rid of, but I do not know if I can bring myself to throw away. It is a storage box containing the empty cardboard sleeves of DVD season box sets. Since I put the discs in binders, this excess crap sits in my closet, and I am feeling like I shouldn’t be burdened with it. Some cases I’d keep — BSG, Veronica Mars, Lost — just ’cause I’m sentimental that way. But do I need the cases for Scrubs? What about for Highlander — they’re elaborate boxes with lots of pictures, but, I tell myself that it is really about the show itself, isn’t it? I should enjoy the discs and throw all this bulk away.

And then I say to myself “oh, but what if I want to sell some of these later?” and that’s a real question. If I sold some of my seasons of 24, what would I get for them? They sell new for $20 or $25 on sale, so probably I’d get about $5. So I should throw those away.

But what if I find myself living in a mansion with 100 yard shelves, wouldn’t I want to display the cases then? I have to weigh how likely that is.

Ok. Scubs, you’re out. Highlander, I’m keeping. 24, you’re out (except season one because I can’t get enough Nina). Brisco Country Jr, I’m keeping — you’re too obscure not to show off. Lost, keeping. Galactica, keeping.

Hey what the hell happened, I am choosing to keep nearly everything! Irrr!

Maybe I just need to throw the whole box out.

But those Galactica covers are shiny! And I mean that literally, not in a Whedonesque way — they are metallic paper. I can’t throw those away. Maybe everything but. But Kristin Bell is so dreamy, I can’t get rid of Veronica Mars…


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