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Mythic story

Posted in Dream,Personal by Will on Friday, September 12th, 2008 ~ 10am

I seem to have channeled a mythic story in my dream last night.

There were two countries. One was a jungle. The other was a civilization beneath the crust of the earth. They were connected via a shared past history — they were once one people — and via a natural tube through the rock crust. The tube, a natural formation, was perhaps five inches in circumference and many hundreds of yards in length.

On the cave side, it existed as a hole in the ceiling. On the jungle side, it existed as a hole in a grassy field.

The two societies were not allowed to speak to each other. The cave society — the government anyhow — forbade it. Nonetheless there were occasional supporters of communications between the two cultures. Sometimes a suggestive artwork would appear, drawn most often by someone in the lower class.

But the crescendo of defiance of the government ban on communication occurred in the form of a blow-dart champion, a man heralded (even by his government) for his skill at using the primitive blow-dart weapon. He, quite unexpectedly, ran up to the hole in the ceiling, put his blow-dart weapon to his mouth, the other end to the hole, and blew a Hershey-kiss sized “dart” through the tube, where his olympic-strength breath carried it through the crust of the earth. (It emerged on the grassy field of the topside culture, where children playing found it and handed it to a woman official –or rather, a priestess, since their officials were people who helped people, not subjugated them).

The Hershey-kiss sized item contained a message for the topside people from the culture below. She unwrapped it. I do not know what the message said. But it felt like a message from a lover.

Below, the government responded. They could not seal the hole (perhaps it was a source of air? Perhaps the legend required some level of suspended disbelief). But they hung up a four-walled closet around it to make it more difficult to access. The government had made it quite formal and iconic, like an ornate religious confessional booth or something, to make it seem unapproachable.

The people looked at this closet that was around the hole in the crust.

And smashed it to bits.

Addendum: There’s a chance this may have been a story told on NPR, which wakes me on my alarm clock, and I may have imagined the visuals to accompany the NPR story. I do not know this for a fact, but the story is so mythic (even with its apparent internet overtones) that I can hardly imagine it came straight through my head. I’ll check the NPR site later today to see. (There’s also biological undertones, aren’t there? Accented by a metaphor for the church attempting to controlling sexual relations). Just in case it is original:

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