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Bush and rubber boats

Posted in Dream by Will on Thursday, August 4th, 2005 ~ 5pm

Had a dream that Bush (the current one) wanted to prove he was manly like people who hadn’t avoided military service, so he was going to prove his machoness by meeting one on one with the leader of Al Queda. So the government dropped Bush off in a deserted third world street, next to a dusty road and a small shallow loch. After a few minutes one of those motorized rubber liferafts pulled up in the loch and the driver ordered him in; he’ll be taken to meet with the bad guy.

“So, I just get in, do I?” Bush asked his secret service detail (who were presumably watching and listening from afar). I think it was about then when he realized that this wasn’t a good plan.

Though he got in, it felt very much like his need to appear macho had overruled his senses, and that the government was secretly relieved to see him go.

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