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Music on a disc! Part 1

Posted in Personal by Will on Friday, August 5th, 2005 ~ 7pm

“Generation ‘X & Y’ still want that physical CD for music” touts the headline on CDFreaks today, and while that is still very much true for me (at least, until they invent some kind of uber-data-storage device that one can put their entire music collection onto chips and plug into one’s receiver), I have nonetheless finally entered the digital age by signing up to Rhapsody. Actually, just the free part of Rhapsody, which means I can download individual songs a la carte.

I don’t know how iPod or iTunes or other such services work, but this one sells the tunes and those tunes can be burned to CD (most of them, anyway). I admit I did not actually believe this to be true and kept looking for the fine print.

I am telling myself now that I won’t use Rhapsody or any other online service to buy music that is also available in higher quality on CDs. I believe this will be true, since my dial-up connection means it takes hours to download a whole album. I will use this service for exclusive materials that aren’t available on CD – and that is what got me into it today: I’ve been on a minor Camper Van Beethoven kick over the past few days, and I heard that Rhapsody was selling some of their live shows. It’s true. I noticed that they (probably the band) elected to omit any of the cover tunes that were performed (probably since they don’t want to worry about distributing the royalties to the original artist), so the shows aren’t actually complete, but aside from that I like it. It seems more convenient than buying bootleg CDs from bootleggers on ebay.

One aspect I don’t like is that there does not appear to be downloadable cover art. They show little thumbnail pics of the album covers, but those aren’t large enough to print. I printed one as a postage stamp sized image on the disc surface. That may be good enough, but I hope they improve. Because it is true – I still want my music on a disc …eventually.

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