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Music on a disc! Part 3

Posted in Music,Personal by Will on Friday, August 5th, 2005 ~ 10pm

Ok, it’s been several hours since I first took this trip into the world of online music delivery, and I believe I am now officially “over it”.

You know what sounds like a special, really cool, music service to me? Someone carefully engineers an album, prepares it on a silver platter, and serves it up within a pictorial display. That’s the kind of attention I like to see music get. All I need to do with that kind of music is put the disc in and press play. Simple. And currently higher quality than any download (though perhaps someday that will change).

Music online reminds me of the microfilm viewer at the library – it’s a way to get slightly muddy copies of things.

I now have a new appreciation for physical CDs – or SACDs, or DVD-As, or DADs, or DualDiscs, or anything else that someone else packages up for me. Maybe it’s that I like to be pampered, and music downloading is pretty much the opposite. CD is to pampering as downloading is to hunting and gathering. I know which side I’m on, and it involves pajamas with feet.

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