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Posted in Personal by Will on Wednesday, September 17th, 2008 ~ 12am

So, a dog wanted to hump me. Perfectly understandable, I mean, who wouldn’t? But it is a bit sad since he’s a guy dog and I am a guy guy, and he maybe doesn’t know my gender seeing as we humans wear pants and all. Plus I’d just bathed so I suppose all my pheromones were absent. Fact is I try to treat dogs like equals when I meet ones that are nice, and by that I mean I appreciate their level of mind (which is more simple than ours) and I don’t try to act all superior to them. I also don’t try to get ahead in the pecking order. So I suppose in the dog’s eyes I was being exactly the kind of being who would be approachable and kind to an advance. I feel bad in that I expect I’ll have to curtail how social I am with the dog now in order for it to recognize that I have spurned its advance. But I don’t want it to feel bad about it. I don’t want it to feel rejected. They’re run so much more on instincts than we are, and it probably wouldn’t understand. I appreciated that it licked my ear first. Obviously this is a kind dog that any female dog will be special to have. I wonder, if the dog figures out I am a guy, from picking up on my pheromones, will it be embarrassed? Awkward!

It did not aggressively try to hump my leg by the way, it just made some instinctual hip motions while it was near me, indicating that it would have liked to go further. It also never left my side for many minutes as I walked around, though it never made any sexual indications then.

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