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Posted in Personal by Will on Sunday, August 14th, 2005 ~ 9pm

Today has been slightly weird. First, noon to 2pm seemed to provide much more than two hours. I.e., at 2pm I fully expected that it was about 4pm – but it wasn’t. During that time I met a new dog, named Yuri, who has a long snout that he likes shoving between people’s legs. Very petable though. Though I wonder if I picked up a germ from him because I started to feel kind of dizzy a half hour after I met him. (In the last ten years or so I’ve been stunned at how FAST the feeling of sickness comes on. Perhaps as a child it came on as quickly but we failed to be amazed by it?) So I felt kinda dizzy as if I were dehydrated or something, and that was unpleasant since I was driving home at the time, and in bad weather also — there was another wave of intense rain storms, with less lightning than the other day but still much heavier weather than I am used to. After arriving home I sat in my car, in the driveway, for several more minutes until it passed by rather than trying to run through the gallons of rain without getting wet.

As for the dizzy I feel ok now but not perfect. Online, I was stunned to see that after months and months of checking the prices on Xena, Hercules, and Highlander DVDs, their prices have at last been dropped by about ten bucks each (if you know where to look). I am not so much amazed by the prices (which are still kind of high) as I am amazed that all that time I spent checking those prices and waiting finally paid off. I just didn’t want to pay the original price for these things, and although I’d picked up some of them used it had left me with a very weird selection of seasons – Xena season 1 and season 3, for instance, but no season 2. Today I filled in season 2 of Xena and season 4 of Hercules. I couldn’t go nuts on it because I need to conserve funds, but, I had to get ones that would let me watch at least the initial few seasons straight through.

Also online today I was amused that someone (actually many people) made a fake “Christopher Walken for President” campaign. I’d put a bumper sticker for that on my car. I’d give you a link but I am still feeling out of it, find it yourself. Sorry.

Despite being tired, I want to mention that my exercising it still going on, and I am finding that if I don’t get on that stationary bike for at least 20 minutes each day I really miss it. I’ve missed about two days of it in the past couple weeks, either because it was really hot weather, or because I was doing some physical labor earlier in the day and I decied that it “counted” as my work for the day. However I can’t say that I have any more muscle definition than last time. Still looks the same to me. My weight is still about 135 lbs; I’d worried I might have lost some due to having been busy, but I seem ok.

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