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Posted in Dream by Will on Wednesday, September 17th, 2008 ~ 10am

Being knocked out by a small woman who used a compressor injection device on both my right and left jugular veins. I came to relatively quickly and tried to act out of it so she wouldn’t re-inject me. The arrest of this woman by police, who left behind her purse/bag as they drove away in a paddy wagon. Which I took and decided to go through to learn who she was. Learned she was an art student from New York, part of a group of student designers of avant garde fashions. She was referred to as Number 4 in this group. Went to New York to learn more about Number 4 face to face with this group. Fraudulently misrepresented myself as a friend of hers. When the police released her and she returned to this group, she had to maintain this ruse of beimg friends with me or else her friends would know she was a part time criminal. Then there was a turtle migration occurring across my lawn, so many that you risked stepping on one with every step. Also, fish. Which the turtles sometimes ate. Apparently water to a depth of a foot was present some times. Those turtles could grab fish just by moving their beaks quickly. Also, I was driving my car up the wrong road, which was so steep that if I’d had any more weight in the car it would not have made it. As it was I was terrified not only about whether my engine would make it up this insanely steep incline, but terrified at how the hell I’d get back down. The road was paved so obviously someone thought cars could do this, but really…

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