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Ultima Replenisher

Posted in Personal by Will on Friday, September 19th, 2008 ~ 2pm

I’m Will Bueche and I endorse this message.

I was dehydrated a week ago. I became very thin-skinned and aggressive with people, and I felt sluggish and headachey. I didn’t know I was dehydrated, but when I asked a nutrition-minded friend what could be causing me to be in such a foul mood, she suggested I could be low on electrolytes.

She told me that although people often suggest “Emergen-C”, that product has sugar (there is a low sugar version of “Emergen-C” too). I avoid drinking sugar.

Instead, she told me of a product that can only be found at Vitamin Cottage (and possibly REI too). I drove straight from work to Vitamin Cottage to get it:

“Ultima Replenisher is a natural sports drink with zero sugar. It contains a full complement of electrolytes, not just a ton of sodium. Ultima also contains complex carbs for energy, water-soluble vitamins and vitamin enhancers for day-to-day health maintenance, and antioxidants to protect body systems from free radicals (toxins). Ultima uses no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners.”

For sweetness, it uses stevia. The only ingredient I did not like to see is a corn base to hold the powder together – but it is only 3 grams per packet so it is probably ok. The claim that there are vitamins in this is weak — the percentages are so small as to be incidental. Primarily, it is just the minerals known as electrolytes.

Within hours of drinking Ultima Replenisher, I was feeling much better. I unloaded a ton of waste after this, as well — waste which was no doubt contributing to my feelings of lethargy. I’ve continued to drink this every other day, and not only am I well hydrated, but no headaches.

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