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Julia Duffy

Posted in Personal by Will on Wednesday, August 24th, 2005 ~ 12pm

An evening of transferring some favorite video material onto DVD – Barcelona ’92! – may have been what caused me to dream up a crew of 1980s celebrities. In this dream, Julia Duffy (on Newhart, she played the uptight preppy blonde Stephanie Vanderkellen) and other people were on a chilly beach reading prepared speeches (to the ocean?) defending the honor and artistic integrity of Adam Ant. Rather like a court proceeding, or perhaps a social activist group staging an honorable protest in defense of the man. Did I mention Duffy was a nudist in this dream? And quite possibly pregnant, though that seemed to vary. And though IMDB says her birthyear is 1951, in this dream she was closer to my age. Another testimony was read by a woman on behalf of an elderly man who could not make it this day. Due to his age, he seemed to have the impression that Bill Clinton was the President who had sent troops to Iraq, and his remarks produced some chuckles, as the man was condemning the “Democrats” war. And his remarks barely touched on Adam Ant. Soon the tide – a cold, New England tide – was coming in, and so everyone retreated from the beach to a university or shopping plaza kind of place, where I tried to get close to Duffy so I could tell her how moved I was by her and such, but I didn’t get the opportunity as the dream storyline devolved into a murder mystery (incinerated student stuffed into a science room cabinet) and I spent the rest of the time levitating above the crowd to get a better view of the investigation.

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