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Last chance on series 2 of BSG figures

Posted in Personal by Will on Saturday, September 20th, 2008 ~ 2am

Series 2 Battlestar Galactica figures — i.e. the 4 figure set of Kara (Starbuck) in flight suit, Kat in flight suit, a robotic Cylon Centurian, and Helo in flight suit, are sold out nearly everywhere online as of now, less than a month after they started arriving!

So if you had any intention of getting these, you have very little time to spare. Kat and Helo in flight suit, being the “chase” figures (fewer were made) are especially hard to find now. I’d say that within 1 week, this wave will be essentially sold through, save for a few individual Starbucks and Cylons.

As of today, it was still possible to find at least 1 online retailer offering the 4 figures as a set. Even the manufacturer is sold out. So this is seriously it. Last chance. Unless you want to pay double on ebay.

I did my part.

[not my photo – borrowed from elsewhere]

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