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Film Ops: Batman Begins

Posted in Personal by Will on Wednesday, August 24th, 2005 ~ 10pm

This is actually from August 7 but I’d posted it somewhere else:

Just saw Batman Begins tonight on a theatrical screen.

Just as I was marvelling in how impressive the first act was, the way that the film started off on an entirely different note than expected, a woman a few rows ahead turned to the row behind her and asked “Am I in the right theater – is this Batman?”

I think she enjoyed the film, but that sort of reaction really goes to show how cliche ridden and predictable most comic book movies are.

I liked this film, particularly the beginning.

I was a bit bothered that the young woman playing Wayne’s childhood friend, and the young man playing the psychiatrist, appeared to be maybe 19 years old, tops. Doesn’t one need to graduate high school before becoming a psychiatrist? Are attorneys getting their starts in elementary school so they can be working for the District Attorney’s office by the time they reach puberty?

But if I look past the children-playing-adults, it was a good story, and it sets up a nice sequel that will I expect be a lot like the Batman the Animated Series (all those insane asylum escapees and such).

SPOILERS BELOW; do not read beyond here if you haven’t seen the film!

My vote for next villains: Harley Quinn and the Joker, or just Harley Quinn.

It stands to reason it will be Harley, because they’ve established the insane asylum as a part of town. Secondly, they’ve established that he Narrows part of Gotham has been overrun by insane asylum inmates. Third, they’ve established that the whole Narrows part of town is bonkers, because by the time an antidote is brewed up most of the people living in the Narrows will be permanantly deranged.

Clearly there will be a need for psychiatrists to be called in, which means that Harley Quinn will be called in. She studies crazy people, and the first film just established an entire town full of them.

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