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Dream of New Tuscon

Posted in Dream by Will on Friday, September 26th, 2008 ~ 10am

Just a dream, ignore this.

I dreamed a second Earth was named New Tuscon (though it was commonly referred to simply as “Tucson”). I liked the name. I asked what corporations had gotten rich building New Tucson and was told I’d want to invest in “LIPPY”, one of three major corps responsible for the infrastructure. Somehow, even regular American architecture seemed awesome on another planet, because it represented the transplantation of a style created on another world (Earth) and therefore seemed more of a magnificent achievement than buildings on Earth. Also, there were some fancier buildings mixed in. At other times in the dream however, the planet New Tucson was actually just Boston circa the early 1960s, very rainy, and everyone’s cameras were film SLRs.

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