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Soundunwound continues

Posted in Music,Personal by Will on Monday, September 29th, 2008 ~ 11am

I finally found a good quality scan of the Tegan & Sara limited edition release “The Con Demos“. Actually better than a scan — a direct output of the artwork by the designer, Emy. She had it featured on her MySpace page. So now at last I can have a sharp image accompanying the tunes. I know this seems silly but it feels like an accomplishment since I’ve been hoping to find it for several months. (A related aside: at Tegan & Sara’s upcoming Denver show they should be selling the physical cd single “I’ll Take the Blame” which has 2 non-album tracks. It was previously an iTunes download).

In a similar vein, I’ve continued to update the Soundunwound.com (Amazon’s music wiki) a bit. “Submitted edits: 757. Accepted edits: 97.1%”. however the quality of my contributions has declined now that I’ve no new scans of my own to contribute (for the most part). What Soundunwound is mostly lacking are good quality scans of cd singles, because of two factors: first, cd singles were never popular in the United States; and second, cd singles were most popular several years back, a time when if people had made scans they’d have made them very small since computer screens at the time were small too. Screens in those days were only 600×800, on which a tiny 150×150 scan would look like a sensible size. Today, screens are usually 1280 x 1040, on which a tiny 150×150 scan looks like a postage stamp.

Due to my running out of owned rare cds to scan, I took the lower road and began grabbing the best images I could find on other people’s blogs etc and then touching them up in Photoshop to bring them closer to good quality (see illustration of before & after at the end of this blog entry). But this is not really ideal at all. Arguably better than no images, but, fraught with the limitations of the original scans being various levels of crap, and the sizes being random, and, sometimes, I may be mistaken about whether a cover is the exact cover of an exact edition of a cd single or if it is another edition that is slightly different. Without seeing both the front and back covers there is room for error. So I’ve tried to be conservative, but, there may be mistakes when I don’t have the cd in hand. So I don’t expect I’ll be doing much any more, except when I have something new.

I did manage to update the Soundunwound entry for musician Dana Falconberry with some official album art and official promo photos. Looks nice now. She has a new disc coming out tomorrow. I discovered a couple mornings ago that I’d preordered it, though I don’t recall doing so (I must have been so close to sleep it didn’t get recorded in my waking consciousness).

Illustration: a random scan from somewhere on the web,
before and after I clean it up.

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