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Press clippings by my hand

Posted in Personal by Will on Friday, August 26th, 2005 ~ 10pm

I ultimately scanned over 10,200 documents for the archive of the late Dr. John Mack. Many of the scans were done on a feeder-scanner designed for pages of text. But press clippings featuring photographs, illustrations, or simply more sophisticated layouts took a great deal more care. Press clippings had been filed by Dr Mack’s office as photocopies (on left), which tended to be muddy or washed out. For the new archive I tracked down the original magazines and newspapers, and patiently used a traditional flatbed scanner to create new high-quality scans (on right). Future researchers looking at this electronic archive will see the press clippings in full color and full quality. About 900 press clippings were made in this way by my hand.

Archive sample

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