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Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles suddenly improves

Posted in Personal by Will on Monday, September 29th, 2008 ~ 8pm

SPOILERS WARNING! Sept 29 episode

After a weak first few episodes, they knocked it out of the park with tonight’s episode. I was getting so-so on the show before but Summer Glau’s performance tonight (as both Alyson and as her robot duplicate Cameron) was fantastic. Next week’s preview again looks like they suddenly found their traction. I’m a fan again and it’s about time.

Granted, the scenes at the doctor’s was just low-budget filler to pay for the rest of the episode, but wow, the rest of the episode? The battleship turned into Terminator prison? Genius on both an art department level and on sheer wow-ness! And so, after seeing how Alyson was studied, maybe Cameron doesn’t love John at all, she’s just parroting what she “studied” — which suddenly makes her creepy as heck! This is good writing. This is almost, dare I say, Whedon-quality writing. So suddenly! I am so glad!

Up until now I was hoping that the machines would develop real feelings and would eventually coexist with humankind. I was hoping John and Cameron would somehow start to date, despite one being a robot. But, after seeing how Alyson was tortured by Cameron, I see it is more likely that when Cameron told John that she loved him, she was only glitching back to when she first emulated Alyson. Cameron herself is now more fearsome because just like the characters around her, I do not know if she experiences real feelings. It is no longer an academic discussion, either. If she experiences feelings, she can be saved (“good” terminators can be allies and coexist). If she does not, then she is a tool that must be used towards the eventual elimination of all machines. John holds both the fate of mankind AND the fate of the “good” terminators in his hands, and he does not yet know (none of us do!) which course to choose.

This is suddenly a fantastic show again.

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