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One show to rule them all

Posted in Personal by Will on Tuesday, September 30th, 2008 ~ 11am

Ok. I’m gonna do one more tv show, and that’s it. It will tape this December in Boulder, so it is probably destined to be. That’s how I’ll frame it in my mind — a pinnacle.

I’d told myself I wouldn’t do any more interviews about alien stuff, in fact I’d just turned down a BBC Religion program which actually sounded rather intruiging — BBC Religion is doing a program on the subject of “what do people feel the Bible mean by ‘man is created in God’s image’?”. And part of the population that they want to ask are experiencers of alien contact. I think that kind of documentary sounds wonderful because it isn’t really about aliens, it just includes — among a great number of other people — a larger perspective from people who have met beings who may cause a redefinition of one’s theological beliefs. (This is an area of alien encounters not commonly addressed, but is important.)

But I turned the BBC down. I accepted a new show that is being produced locally (though it would be wrong to describe it as a local show, since it is simply filming in Boulder due to the community here having the kind of diversity that can lend itself to heady discussions. Guests fly in from where ever they are. It just happens that I’m up the street from the studio).

What I need to do now is to forget everything from my pre-interview so that when it comes times to do the actual interview it will be fresh. That is tricky, because I have some patter that I’ve done a few times already and if I sense I am being stale I clam up. That is part of why I turned down the BBC. When I watch the BBC I expect vibrancy, and I wasn’t sure I could be vibrant. I believe that I can do the locally produced show and not be stale, because I — because I think the interviewer is actually going to add so much depth to the discussion that any depth I lack will be improved upon by the host! So there’s trust that with judicious editing I might come across ok. Or heck, if I end up getting cut out of the show, no worries, no costs were involved in flying me down the street.

So that’s December. [musing to self starts here] …I should schedule a hair appointment 2 weeks before. Sounds vain but for tv you have to try to look the way that you think you look everyday. I.e. you need to try to look physically the way that you imagine you look — and oddly enough, one’s mental impression of oneself is rarely accurate. Though honestly I think my mental impression of myself has become more accurate in the past couple years, so maybe I don’t have to try. Nonetheless, a haircut won’t hurt. [moments pass] Whew lucky I scheduled that now — Thanksgiving holidays had that week pretty booked up. I got in tho’.

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