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New Orleans needs National Guard back

Posted in Personal by Will on Monday, August 29th, 2005 ~ 1am

New Orleans is about to need the National Guard, and badly. And where are they? Opposite side of the freaking globe. Over a quarter million National Guard and reserve troops were called up to active service for the war in Iraq. Bush’s use of National Guard as an Inter-National Guard is about to undermine the health of our own country.

A couple quotes from a Louisiana paper, about how its National Guard was sent away to Iraq: “Louisiana, along with New York, has lost more guardsmen and reservists than any state in the nation.” “Traditionally, members of the Guard and Reservists trained one weekend a month and spent two weeks in the summer training at a military base. They might be called away for storm duty, as Charlie Company often was as hurricanes and tropical storms touched southern Louisiana…”

Those Guardsmen would be helping with the evacuation right now, and with the aftermath. But Bush has left our country defenseless.

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