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Serenity figures

Posted in Personal by Will on Wednesday, August 31st, 2005 ~ 8pm

Whe-hoo, Joss Whedon’s tv series Firefly prompted the making of a feature film, Serenity, which is due out in a matter of days. The film also prompted the creation of action figures, which are arriving on store shelves now. Not toy store shelves mind you, but record stores like Newbury Comics. Where today I found the first five figures. I bought one, and plan to get the others soon. If these sell well, and if the film does well, more of the characters from the tv series and movie may follow.

Having heard online that these figures were starting to appear, I drove to that record store two mornings in a row hoping they’d be arriving — with the intent of finding the limited edition figure of Jayne which only comes one per case. And I scored. I mean I found and bought the figure. (Common euphamism for solitary geeks). It is different than the regular one in that he is smoking a cigar and he has a much better t-shirt with a design on it that looks like some kind of fish. These may sound like small touches, but small touches on a small figure make a big difference.

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