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Viva la Revolución

Posted in Personal by Will on Thursday, October 2nd, 2008 ~ 2pm

I did my part today. Viva la Revolución.

Dear T-Mobile, Hi, I am (—)— – —-. A question about voice mail. Is it possible to deactivate the extra operator message that comes on after my own recorded greeting? The operator voice that I am referring to adds the following useless information: “Record your message after the tone. To send a numeric message press five. For delivery options press pound.” Like everyone else in the world, I find this addendum to be a complete waste of time for my callers. It is so infamous for being a useless delay that there are countless editorials about how annoying it is. People DO NOT need to be told that they can “record message after the tone”! Even children know that. And if someone wanted to send a text message, they would have done so. People call voice mail and want to get to voice mail immediately after my own greeting says “Hi, I’m not here right now, BEEP”. PLEASE pass this request on up the chain of command, because the first company to ditch this useless, annoying operator message will get my business. It may as well be T-Mobile! Thanks.

(That’s right — in my perfect world, the Sarah Connor Chronicles is renewed, and phones connect instantly to voice mail after the beep. Come join my world.)

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