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Phone terrorists

Posted in Personal by Will on Tuesday, October 7th, 2008 ~ 12pm

A second brush with terrorists (the first being a distant relative on my mother’s side of the family died in one of the plane crashes on 9.11): Our office’s phone system was broken in to a few weeks ago over a weekend. The criminal used our phone system to place about $6,000 worth of phone calls to Iran. (Criminals + Iran, granted that’s only logically terrorists, it might be some good-natured criminals who just happen to like to talk to Iranians.*)

So today, our office learns that the phone company expects us to pay for these fraudulent calls. As if!

We plan to either have our lawyers intimidate the phone company, or, if we have to, I suppose we could get the local news channel to do a piece on how their fraud protection doesn’t actual protect from fraud, even when it is as blatant as calls to Iran of all places!

I wonder what the actual cost of the calls was. If the phone company has its own satellites, the cost would be nothing, since the satellites would be active 24/7 anyway. If they rent bandwidth on someone else’s satellites, I suppose there may be some expenses, but, we don’t know what those expenses are, really, and if they are a fixed rental price, then the actual cost was again nothing.

*And yes, I am biased against Iran since I was alive during the hostage crisis of the 1970s, when Iran took the United States embassy employees hostage. Why we did not bomb Iran the moment the hostages were freed I’ll never know. I am not pro-war, but when a country actually attacks another country, you can respond. Reagan became president when the hostages were freed, and he did not respond. At the least, if I were Reagan I’d have blown up our former embassy, and maybe a x-number-of-miles radius around it.

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