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Tonight's debate

Posted in Personal by Will on Tuesday, October 7th, 2008 ~ 9pm

2 impressions from tonight’s debate, the second presidential candidate debate between Obama and McCain:

1. I think I speak for the entire nation when I ask, who was the babe above-and-to-the-left of Tom Brokaw (on Tom’s left, aka the viewer’s right)?

2. Will someone please get McCain a seatbelt so he doesn’t wander around the stage while the other candidate is speaking?

Bonus impressions:

3. Katie Couric’s panel of undecided voters remaining undecided:
“Which candidate, in your view, had the better health care plan?”
“And you are still undecided?”
Maybe Couric has simply discovered a group of people who are unable to commit? More productively, Couric’s network managed to rapidly poll another 500 undecided voters, who said the debate went to Obama by a large margin. So that was good news. (I thought McCain did alright, but he seems to think that the middle class make more than a quarter-mil a year).

4. “Senator McCain, would you go after Bin Ladin in Pakistan, over Pakistan’s objections?”
“Obama said he would kill Bin Laden, in Pakistan if that is where he is. I’m not going to telegraph my plan like that one did. My plan is super-secret. Sure, it might involve killing Bin Laden, but if I were to say that was my plan, Bin Laden would know my plan and that would be irresponsible. Obama just doesn’t understand the element of surprise, my friends.”

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