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Racism is unlikely to have been the reason

Posted in Personal by Will on Sunday, September 4th, 2005 ~ 2am

Racism is unlikely to have been the reason why the Federal response to the disaster was days late. But if racism was a factor at all, consider how it may have been a factor within the larger context of a pursuit for knowledge; in this case, the Federal government wanting to know what would happen to a city without help.

One wonders if the Federal government wanted to see how one of our own cities would suffer, as a sort of test case for what might happen if there were a terrorist attack that precluded help from entering, such as due to a “dirty” nuclear or biological agent. New Orleans, by chance, may have served as a test in much the same way we dropped the H-bombs on Japan to see how a city would suffer. Over the course of several days, as the Feds waited before sending assistance, they got to see how an American city descended into anarchy.

If this is why they delayed sending assistance, the population being mostly black likely served the same purpose as the Japanese population, that is, being just different enough from those in charge to be viewed as if they were not part of humankind. This possibility is of course terrible to consider. But if there was a nefarious purpose to the delayed assistance (as opposed to simple incompetence on the part of Bush’s administration) this seems to be one of the few reasons within the realm of possibility that would account for it.

Incompetence or willfull neglect, take your pick. What is your theory? I hope the truth is something mundane.

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