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Details…where'd I put those?

Posted in Personal by Will on Monday, September 5th, 2005 ~ 10pm

Well I’ve at last done it, I’ve boxed up my DVD collection (see my Aug 25 “My Non-Portable Life” blog entry). Took me two evenings to do it, partly because I started very late, and partly because of how unnatural it felt. But now it is done. My DVDs are now in 6 binders. Except for the tv-on-dvd sets, which I intend to leave in their own original boxes. This is all part of the intention to move to another part of the country, with a test-stop in, um, was it New Mexico? Now that I am out of work I need to look through the notes of what we were planning (me and the person who has invited me to her home), for such things as the dates. Ah, but it’s already 1045 pm now, so maybe I’ll have to follow this up tomorrow. My general sense is that I have a couple months here before I’d be there, but as that is kinda vague I better check for the details…I definately want to get out of here before the winter snow comes.

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