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When albums meant lps

Posted in Personal by Will on Tuesday, September 6th, 2005 ~ 7pm

Holy crap! (I’m going to start all my blogs that way, it really commands attention). Holy crap, I was just cleaning out my old bedroom closet at my parents’ home, and found some amazing things. First off, I found a bunch of albums. I’d always known these lps were there, but aside from the general awareness of which artists where in there I’d forgotten which specific albums I owned.

This lack of total recall led me to be pleasantly surprised to find that I own the Missing Persons Rhyme & Reason lp, the cover of which has an excellent black and white cover photo of Dale Bozzio taken by Helmut Newton. I’d sometimes thought that one day I’d want to buy this old album from ebay so I could have that cover as a poster for my wall, but now I don’t have to. I also found some Adam Ant 12″s (that I’d remembered I had) and the gatefold cover version of David Bowie’s Lodger (as well as a non-gatefold reissue of it, which I decided to throw away).

I threw away perhaps a third of my lps today. I tossed albums by bands that did not stand the test of time, such as Animotion and the Divinyls. In some cases I tossed albums which I recognize today are reissues (recognizable for their having no cover art on the inner sleeve, or just generally lower quality cardboard).

I kept a few singles that I know haven’t come out on CD, even though if truth be known chances are slim that I’ll ever have an lp player to play any of these back. My main reason for saving even 2/3rds of my albums is because the big covers of lps are so durned neat. Roxy Music
s Flesh + Blood cover always turned me on. Perhaps I should throw away the albums themselves to reduce the weight…not sure about that. Maybe.

So, down to about 10 inches of albums. I ordered a box for them a few minutes ago.

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