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Posted in Personal by Will on Tuesday, October 14th, 2008 ~ 11am

I’ve just had kindness from a stranger. That sounds sexual. What I mean is, a moment ago I received a donation to keep one of my websites online for another year. I’d had to announce that I was taking down the site on its tenth anniversary because I, like most everyone, needs to be more careful in a bad economy. But I put a PayPal button up, and a counter counting down to when the site would go offline (48 days from now says today’s reading), and, after a couple months, someone took notice and came through in a big way, with a full year’s hosting paid for. So now I can reset the count down to 365 days plus 48 days from now.

I am grateful. The idea that someone would just come through and let me keep the site online for free makes me feel really light, in a good way. I neither made nor asked for any profit, it literally pays for the hosting ($4/month) and the domain name renewal (~$10/year).

Yeah I haven’t mentioned the site name, because I keep it on the low-down.

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