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More Faders …and some new discoveries

Posted in Music,Personal by Will on Tuesday, October 14th, 2008 ~ 1pm

More Faders. WHY was this album only released in Indonesia? WHY?!? The slinky one on the edge with the black arm coverings is Toy Valentine, who I sort of deduce is the one who left the band. A one-album wonder, The Faders were. But every song on Plug+Play is great:

I’m also giving this old-time sounding band a chance. They’re called Lucy Michelle & the Velvet Lapelles, and they’re from Minneapolis but they sound like they’re from a century or two ago. They have one cd out from CDBaby.com (though I had to get it from a MN store since CDBaby is out of stock) and they have a live set available to stream for free from RadioK that is WELL worth capturing. (While you’re there at Radio K check out the dozens of other live-in-studio streams Radio K has saved, including Tegan & Sara. If you need help capturing the streams, just ask. There are ways. I use a Firefox plugin called DownloadHelper. Here’s an amateur video of Lucy Michelle & the Velvet Lapelles just to give you a sense of it:

Another new band I found via their live-in-studio Radio K performance is Wye Oak. Their Radio K performance was not recorded very well, so I almost skipped them, but then on their website I saw 4 free tracks from their new album:

4 free tracks by Wye Oak

Again, you’ll have to use the Firefox plugin DownloadHelper in order to save these, otherwise they just stream. (Start the song streaming, then quickly go to Tools > Download Helper > and click on the mp3 that it will have suddenly detected).

One of the things I love about editing Amazon’s new music wiki Soundunwound.com is that when I add new bands to it, I can pick and choose whatever promo photos they have up on their official site – including MySpace. Which delightfully results in my being able to select a photo like this as someone’s official portrait:

(That’s one of the members of Wye Oak.) And I don’t do this spitefully. It is in fun. (He can always add other pictures, or delete that one if he doesn’t like it).

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