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Getting to be ri-god-damn-diculous

Posted in Personal by Will on Wednesday, October 15th, 2008 ~ 1pm

Holy Christ there’s another Cylon Centurian variant available – New Caprica Cylon:


“these New Caprica Cylons are even meaner – you can tell by their darker color scheme. The darker color separates them from their less meaner (but still pretty ornery) cousins. It also makes this one awesome ThinkGeek exclusive action figure if you’re trying to collect them all.”

New Caprica Cylon

I like the weathering. It adds realism. In fact the added realism pushes the regular Cylons even further down the scale of desirability.

For those keeping a count, here’s what’s been available so far:

  • Cylon Centurian – regular version (plain grey plastic, cheap looking);
  • Valley of Darkness Cylon – blood spattered, and a bloody handprint as if someone tried to push it away;
  • Downloaded Cylon – shiny aluminum looking Cylon, very attractive (the best!);
  • New Caprica Cylon – dark weathered look, very realistic.

And since these all came out at different times, I ended up with too many… 4 plus 2 plus 2 plus 1, in the above order. I have 9 Cylons total! About 4 too many, I’d say — I made a mistake in buying too many of the regular version Cylon Centurians, back when I did not know they’d release variants.

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