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Posted in Personal by Will on Monday, September 12th, 2005 ~ 12am

Eeeeuuuughh, I feel sick. I’d been looking a bit grey in the face for the past couple of days, but that kind of thing is pretty subjective. Add to that an overdose of brownies and I feel sick. I had a salad with side of tuna earlier, then a couple brownies, then a chicken burger with lettuce and sprouts, then microwave popcorn, then the third brownie. I can’t eat that much sugar. I am not designed for it. But I was pushing myself, trying to get to the edge of whatever experience many brownies provides. Then I started to get weak, and had to poo out pretty much all I’d eaten since last night. I maybe feel a bit better now that I’ve ejected my core, but I still think I need to get some sunlight tomorrow to change that grey complexion I’d mentioned earlier. Because when I feel sick, I get afraid. I get a deep disturbed feeling of being unwell, the possibility that I could just keel over and die. The kind of feeling that makes me go over to the window fan and turn it on so I have a good supply of fresh air. Irrational. But it does make me a feel a little bit better to have the fresh air. Or maybe it’s just the feeling that there’s one less thing to worry about. It is just a crappy experience feeling sick. I should be glad I only feel sick once every few months. Because I am clearly a sappy sick person.

The only useful thing I got out of this feeling of being unwell was something that I realized while on the bowl: I realized I hadn’t read a book in a long while, and that it might be neat to read some movie scripts. I appreciate the scripts of The Tick tv show as much and maybe a bit more than the show itself. But they aren’t available as a book, as far as I know. I was just hypothesizing that I might like them because the writing has some really witty lines which are rather glossed over as the cartoon goes on in real time.

Supervillain commenting on a supervillain putting up birthday decorations: “I still think there’s too much green.” “I told you, it’s a motiff.”

This kind of humor is lost on some people. And it wouldn’t have been funny to me ten or twenty years ago. I don’t even understand why it is funny now, myself. But it is. Strange. I am glad that senses of humor develop. Or else we’d probably run out of things to laugh at.

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