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Loquat "Secrets of the Sea"

Posted in Music,Personal by Will on Thursday, October 16th, 2008 ~ 1am

Only now, two years after getting an iPod, am I finally coming around to the concept that it is “ok” to get music online.

I discovered the San Francisco band Loquat several months ago. I did not act on it, I just filed it away mentally as a band that might be good. Today I re-discovered them, and in recognizing that this was the second time I’d discovered them, decided it was true that I liked them. So I checked out their official web site and their MySpace page, and then some recent bay area websites and magazines that had interviewed them about their new album (which came out 2 days ago).

Many of these articles had a free song or two available for readers to download, released for free to promote the album. Searching around, I ultimately found 2 free songs from their new album “Secrets of the Sea”, 3 songs from “Before the Momentum”, and 3 songs from “It’s Yours to Keep”. Most were in very high quality – 256 kbps, 192 kbps – and just one was in low quality 128 kbps.

So thanks to their promotional intentions, I now have what amounts to a free sampler to solidify my opinion of the band.

And darn it if it didn’t work. I ended up choosing one of the three albums that was my favorite based on the promotional tracks, and I bought it as a physical CD. Promotion works. Giving songs away works. Who knows, maybe the other tracks will grow on me more and I’ll want to get the whole CDs from which they are from. For now, they appear in my iTunes interface with the correct cover art and everything, just perfect. (I am using an explorer add-in called AudioShell 135 to carefully edit the metadata of the mp3s — artist, album title, artist title, track number, etc — so that they will bring down the correct cover art, etc, rather than appear as a disorganized collection of tunes disassociated from their respective albums.)

I chose their new one, “Secrets of the Sea“.

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