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Joe the Plumber

Posted in Personal by Will on Thursday, October 16th, 2008 ~ 9am

On October 7, I said “I thought McCain did alright, but he seems to think that the middle class make more than a quarter-mil a year.”

I’d been hesistant to make that charge, but last night McCain proved again that my perception was right, invoking a guy named “Joe the Plumber” who wanted to buy a company that makes a quarter million each year, but didn’t want to if Obama won, because Obama’s tax plan will charge companies that make more than a quarter mil a year 3% more than McCain’s tax plan would. In an effort to win sympathy for poor Joe, McCain said facetiously “Congratulations Joe, you’re rich”.

Well yeah, he is, as anyone other than McCain would know. (Obama pointed out that 98% of small companies make less than a quarter mil a year, by the way). McCain has a distorted view of wealth. I guess owning 11 houses and 7 cars (which McCain does) makes you forget that most people are not in the position that poor old Joe the Plumber is in, and that the public does indeed view Joe as rich. For the average American, “spreading the wealth” — letting the rich pay a bit more in taxes and cutting taxes for the middle class — sounds good, not bad as McCain intended it to sound.

BTW, I voted a couple days ago — I mailed in my ballot (and was rather surprised the envelope was not postage-paid).

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