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Media, and a Meditation on Money and Influence

Posted in Personal by Will on Thursday, August 19th, 2004 ~ 7pm

Got one passable pic of my boss (he’s prefer I call him my colleague, but I bow to his advanced degree) Dr John Mack being interviewed for television (see August 4 entry “Defending…”) today, but mostly I was just staying out of the way while listening to the interview take place. This was the first time an interview with Dr Mack was recorded in widescreen/HDTV (or some high resolution system, anyway), and was the first time in several years that Dr Mack has agreed to be on tv. By my jaded estimation the interview turned out excellently; I heard several answers that were not his standard interview answers (and that is pretty much how I define a succesful interview — if the interviewers manage to elicit new answers from Dr Mack, they’ve succeeded. Good questions cause good answers).
Videocamera looms over Dr John Mack
Our participation in this program is now essentially done. For some reason I find this really dissapointing. I suppose my feelings are because we now have no part in the creative process of seeing the program take shape – unlike with the documentary film Touched where the film company was renting an office in our own building, affording us the opportunity to watch them work their wonders in the editing room. Here, in contrast, we will simply find out in early 2005 how this production company did. So there’s a sense of a part of ourselves, a sacred part of our lives, has been left in someone else’s custody. It is a sense of absence I am feeling. Like dropping off a baby with foster parents and not knowing how it will be raised.

Truly as I sat listening to the two producers interview Dr Mack and other guests I heard several paragraphs or clusters of sentences which I would select as “outstanding” and use in the finished piece if I were in charge, but of course I am not in charge.

Looking around at what I am in charge of, I have to say I am a bit let down. Our company is having extreme financial hardship, dependent as it is upon donations and donations being hard to come by in a ruined economy. The problem with a company that is a 501c3 nonprofit, dependent on others, is that you are dependent on others — meaning we are constantly riding a wave up and down, unable to sustain any regular activities due to the down-dips.

My interest is in educating people in such a way as to create a ripple effect that will enhance the advancement of our culture (help it to rise to the challenge of new information). Since that doesn’t seem to be something that can be done much at my place of work (due to the down-dips) I feel I could do that through writing — not the dashed off, badly spelled stuff you see here in the blog, but something much more carefully prepared. So I feel sad that I do not have an opportunity to do that (but at the same time, fear that the one realistic opportunity to make time to write — unemployment — would be short-lasting and very terrible to my health).

Ever notice how the worst things in life are also the best funded? General Electric, the Republican Party, you name it — if it is destroying the environment, or destroying people, chances are it is very well funded. Odd, that.

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