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Posted in Personal by Will on Monday, September 12th, 2005 ~ 2am

Current contender to be my portable: Compaq Presario Notebook with AMD Turion™ 64 Mobile Technology ML-30, Model: V2321US. I am drawn to the really small screened laptops, because I am weak and dislike heavy objects. But though I’d want a small screen, I’d also want a DVD burner, which this has. Notebooks are so slow, though. 1.6 Ghz. My desktop is a 2.8 that I pretend is a 3. But I guess the problem is that higher speed processors burn more energy, so for a battery operated notebook you don’t really want a fast processor or you’ll run dry. You also want one that you won’t cry about if it falls or breaks or gets stolen by an opprobrious opportunist.

Update: Defeated. Taking it’s place as current contender is the Gateway NX250X, with some customization. Gateway’s notebooks have a better case design, and that matters.

However, on coming really close to buying this, I had to calculate my finances and I fear that if I were to buy this now, I would run out of what I consider to be “spending money” (including rent and food) at the end of October. The problem being, the start of November is when I hope to be checking out another part of the country, and that will – no doubt – involve some significant costs, such as having my car driven out there, a flight, an initial supply of who knows what, and so forth. And I really don’t want to be dipping into what I consider to be my “savings” to do that.

This is a bind. I need a few more thousands of dollars…four to five thousand dollars more would be good. Where can I find that kind of money…hm, nope, not a woman. (If I were female and pretty, I’d be one of those alt models in my spare time).

What else… stocks? No, stocks are as risky as ever, maybe more so with this President in charge. So basically, shit, I need some work or something. But even work, as a general rule, doesn’t pay much – work seems mostly to pay you just about what you need to stay where you are. I’m not willing to do crime, so, looks like I’ll need to buy a lottery ticket.

If I ship my desktop computer to myself, as if it were a really, really big laptop computer, I’ll still need to buy a monitor for it when I get there (since those are too heavy to mail to onesself), and even little cheap flat ones are $300… oh this is such a quandary. That would be $300 wasted for a temporary solution.

Ramen noodles… I still need protein, so that’s no good.

Medical experiments! I am still in the Boston area, there are bound to be some medical experiments on offer. Sometimes they have sleep deprivation studies and the like… I’ll look into this.

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