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Hey Rachael, yes you

Posted in Personal by Will on Monday, September 12th, 2005 ~ 3pm

Hey Rachael,

Some shades of you, or my impression of you from years ago, appeared in a dream of mine last night. This has prompted me to send this brief note. I simply wanted to tell you the reason I vanished from your life. Honestly I doubt this has ever been a question that played upon any of your insecurities. But in case it had:

The reason I disappeared was because I saw that I was too keen to prostrate myself before you, to supplicate myself. So, I ran away, as the best defense I had against my attraction to you.

…Maybe I’ll just post this to my blog instead of emailing it to her. For all I know she became evil and the only thing holding her back from ruling the earth is the small insecurity that arose from wondering where I went. Well, it could be!

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