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Posted in Personal by Will on Saturday, October 18th, 2008 ~ 4pm

(Facebook has a “what are you doing right now?” thing which always begins with “[your name] is…” so the following starts off like that. Will doesn’t usually refer to myself in the third person.)

Will is now officially able to date women his own age, now that he has a suit-jacket of his very own. Seriously I’ve never owned one except once in high school and, I do have a cheap black jacket in my closet but that’s just for funerals and job applications (both depressing affairs).

I got this new jacket at Macy’s today, during a 50% sale. I figure, best to get it since it is tough to find my smaller size, and, the inside lining has paisleys so I figure that’s a sign. The size is “small 36-38” and I believe I am a 37 at most, so that’s good. It feels nice.

It makes me look a little short so I’ll have to remember to wear heels (shoes with higher heels, not like I’m gonna wear spikes). Also got a shirt that works with it.

Possibly it is a bad idea to go to Macy’s when one is feeling like they look like crap. I woke up this a.m. and looked in the mirror and it looked like I’d been on a month-long bender. So I was tempted to do something to make myself look better. But seriously it is wise to have a jacket on hand for occasions that merit one.

Speaking of jackets, here’s a comment about a different kind of jacket: I’m sure this relates to how House wears a leather jacket. He looks like crap, and he is getting older, so he owns a leather jacket to show how he pictures himself. It is a mid-life thing. I confess that I know what kind of leather jacket I want, too.

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